Content Submissions

• Models must be 18 years old or older
• Model Releases must be used and signed (standard SWARVE Model Releases can be provided) - scanned copies sent to SWARVE with submissions
• ID must be checked - proof of ID must be provided to SWARVE

Number of images per submission:
o Minimum 10, Maximum 25 images of a single model in one cohesive set, or
o Minimum 10, Maximum 25 images of multiple models but in the same style from one photographer that forms a cohesive set as a photographer showcase, or
o Fewer than 10 images of a single model by exception but must be standout, or
o Minimum 10, Maximum 25 images of a single model from multiple photographers that forms a cohesive model showcase submitted by the model. Proof of permission to publish from every copyright owner must be provided without exception

• Images are for exclusive use for SWARVE until published (except by agreement with SWARVE), one or two images already shown in photographer’s or model’s portfolio is acceptable
• Submission is no guarantee of publication and SWARVE retain the right to decide whether a submission is for print or web (or both) publication

House Style:
o High class
o Classic
o Beautiful
o Clean cut
o Sexy
o Not brightly lit high saturation glamour
o Cheese only if tongue in cheek and incidental
o Colour or Black and White
o Technically excellent
o Female models or mixed duos (see levels)

o Lingerie
o Implied topless
o Implied nude
o Topless
o Nude
o Art Nude
o Erotic
o Open leg adult levels acceptable if this is incidental to the context of the shoot
o Higher adult levels by exception, this isn’t the main aim of SWARVE but exceptional quality images may well fit.

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